Project Sales & Marketing

Project Sales & Marketing

We provide Residential Property Developers with a competitive advantage.

RealtyOne residential property division is a specialist in residential project marketing. Our experienced team brings a vast, distinctive and innovative perspective with respect to real estate marketing and sales.

We at RealtyOne understand that marketing residential projects extends well beyond advertising and personal selling. We provide our clients with an effective, competitive and carefully planned marketing solutions that strategically positions the project in the target market.

By precisely defining appropriate target markets and tailoring customized solutions for each unique project, RealtyOne Residential provides unprecedented versatility in managing all types of residential developments. We prefer to work with the developers from an early stage, providing inputs into concept, design and pricing, drawing from our extensive market knowledge and awareness of buyer preferences and thereby enabling the developer to reduce risk and enhance return.

Our clients can choose to utilise our full end to end service encompassing the full range of services, from project conception and market positioning through to provision of sales force, sales management and reporting.

Areas Of Expertise

  • Area market assessment, Analysis & Feasibility
  • Product concept definition
  • Functionality driven product design advisory
  • Pricing strategy & Structure
  • Project branding and positioning
  • Customised campaigns
  • Sales training and staffing solutions
  • Marketing Strategy, Planning & Direction
  • Local & International Database Marketing
  • Performance analysis and reporting
  • Delivery of Sales
  • Effective Sales Management Systems

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